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Our property management company provides a multitude of services. We offer a single flat monthly fee during the rental period of the propery. There are absolutely no fees applied to vacant homes other than the utility bills. We do not surprise you with hidden fees or service charges.


Advertisements are positioned and directed to garner the best pricing possible. Your investment is advertised aggresively on multiple internet sites. All ads include complete details and high quality interior and exterior photographs. Professional For Rent signs are placed visibly in the properties yard.


We personally meet with each potential tenant and screen them thoroughly as our goal is to help ensure that only the very best candidates take the keys to your investment property. Each showing is done in person and we do not hand out the key or use lock boxes. Every tenant is required to complete the following:

• Written application
• Personal interview
• Proof of income
• Authorization for a credit report
• Authorization for full instate background check
• Authorization to contact past two landlords
–Review whether potential tenant left in good standing
–Review whether potential tenant paid rent on time


It's our goal to provide you with peace of mind that your investment property is being taken care of in the fashion that a home deserves. In that spirit, we work throughout the rental contract to help ensure that maintenance is performed in a timely manner and by qualified professionals. We provide the following free of "service" charges:

• Monthly drive by of home
–Ensuring exterior and lawn are properly cared for
• Personally answer Tenant's complaint
–Inspection of complaint
–Arrange for repairs as necessary
• Contact with Homeowners Association
• Access to terrific resources for quality repairs and maintenance


Semiannual inspections are performed to ensure that the interior and exterior are properly taken care of and major appliances are in working order. Before handing over the keys we take the tenant through a detailed walkthrough inspection and show the tenant how everything works. Upon receiving the keys the tenant is given a copy of the walkthrough inspection which also outlines the move out expectations. With regards to inspections you can expect the following from us:

• Complete walkthrough inspections
– Semiannually or more often if concerns or issues arise
– Prior to move in
– Preceding move out
• Copy of walkthrough inspection provided to Tenant
– Captures conditions upon move in
– Highlights expectations of Tenant throughout rental contract
– Highlights expectations of Tenant upon move out
• Professional cleaning of each home upon move out
– Carpets are professionally cleaned
– New furnace filters are installed
– Replacement of all smoke alarm batteries
• Strictly enforce a No Smoking Policy


In order to keep you as informed as possible on the status of your investment property we provide a detailed itemized monthly statement. All statements and rent payments are in the mail by the 10th of every month. This statement will breakdown the monthly activity and include the following:

• Rent Collected
• Management Fee
• Itemized Maintenance costs if applicable

A detailed itemized yearly statement is also provided for convenience and tax records. This yearly statement is a summation of the monthly statements and will comprise of the following:

• Rent Collected
• Management Fee
• Itemized Maintenance costs if applicable

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